Ladder Mitts


  • Prevents Ladder Marks
  • Fits all Wood and Aluminum Ladders
  • New Safety Orange Color

Return to Staples for free replacement if product tears under normal intended use.
Ladder MittsTM fit the tops of extension ladders to prevent damage to wood, aluminum and vinyl siding.


Ladder Mitts are tough, flexible urethane pads that keep ladder rails from damaging support surfaces such as wood, aluminum, vinyl siding, sheetrock, and glass.

Since these materials are difficult and expensive to replace once installed, Ladder Mitts pay for themselves quickly with one prevented accident.

Examples of the damage Ladder Mitts prevent:

  • Rails catching the undersides of clapboards and shingles when raising an extension ladder, causing nicks and gouges.
  • Dents in siding when a ladder is banged against it.
  • Scratches when moving a ladder sideways from the ground.
  • Marks due to the weight and movement of a person on the ladder.

Ladder Mitts are durable enough to last the life of the ladder, and carry a lifetime replacement warranty against tearing when used as intended. They are molded in one piece so there are no seams to tear. The tough material resists solvent spills, does not deterio

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Product Description

Installation: Ladder Mitts fit securely on all consumer and commercial grade ladders made of wood, aluminum, or fiberglass. The patented design and polyurethane material grip the rails firmly, so Ladder Mitts can either be installed permanently, or moved easily from ladder to ladder. Simply slide them on over the ends of the rails. There are no drill holes, attachments, or modifications necessary to the ladder. With proper care, Ladder Mitts can even be installed over broken plastic endcaps and jagged edges.
Siding and Surface Protection: Ladder Mitts pay for themselves quickly by avoiding scratching and denting wood, aluminum, and vinyl siding.  Once installed, these materials are costly to replace or repair.  Ladder Mitts can also protect plate glass, tile, and other vulnerable surfaces.  Inverted, they can temporarily install on the bottom of step ladders to protect interior wood, vinyl, and tile flooring.
Tough Material: Ladder Mitts are made in the USA of tough, flexible polyurethane, the same material commonly used for running shoe soles.  They are designed to provide years of service for your ladder.  The integral safety orange color will not rub off on any surface.
Versatility: Ladder Mitts fit the four most popular fiberglass and aluminum extension ladder sizes:  Type IA (Heavy duty industrial), Type I (Industrial), Type II (Commercial), and Type III (Household).  They are not designed to fit Type IAA (Extra heavy duty industrial), or specialty ladders such as folding, articulating, or telescoping models.