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Help prevent ladders from crushing or scratching gutters.  Heavy duty pads fit popular ladder and gutter sizes.

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Product Description

Gutter Mitts™ are heavy duty pads that prevent ladder rails from crushing or scratching installed roof gutters.  They fit both 5-inch and 6-inch standard gutters, and work with all popular ladders.  Invented and patented by a master carpenter and restoration expert, Gutter Mitts allow contractors to climb and carry tools and materials to the roof without damaging fragile aluminum gutter systems.  Gutter Mitts pay for themselves quickly by eliminating expensive repairs, while also improving ladder safety and stability.
Gutter Mitts™ are made in the U.S.A. of tough, flexible polyurethane for years of service.  Slotted channels fit the rails of both aluminum and fiberglass ladders rated Industrial (Types I and IA), Commercial (Type II), or Household (Type III).  Simple Velcro® straps hold Gutter Mitts in place at any point on the rail during ladder-raising and installation, and allow fast, easy removal at the end of the day.  For multi-day projects, release the straps and leave Gutter Mitts in place on the gutter when removing the ladder for the night - they will be right where  you left them the next morning!
Gutter Mitts are a must-have tool for:
  • Roofers
  • Siding contractors
  • Chimney sweeps and masons
  • Satellite and cable installers
  • Pest control experts
  • Home maintenance contractors
  • Homeowners with gutters

Installation directions:
  • With the ladder on the ground, place the pair of Gutter Mitts™ on each rail roughly at the point you estimate the ladder will contact the gutter.  Leave enough room so the ladder extends above the roof line for safe climbing.  Make sure the longer orange "flap" is on top.
  • Loop the Velcro­­® strap around the rail and through the strap ring, and fasten Velcro lightly.
  • Raise the ladder and position top flaps above the gutter rim.
  • Rest ladder against gutter and fit Gutter Mitts into place on gutter.
  • Fully engage the ladder's extension lock mechanism by slightly adjusting ladder angle until it locks securely into place.  When set, proper angle should be about 75° (1-ft. back for every 4-ft. of elevation).
  • Climb ladder to gutter level and carefully adjust Gutter Mitts as needed to fully contact gutter profile as much as possible.

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