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    In 1897 H.F. Staples & Co., Inc. began making one of America’s first premium waxes for floor and furniture... click here for more history. Today we offer a full range of furniture and wood care and repair solutions, along with innovative ladder safety and productivity tools.

    Wood Repair

    From a rotted porch post to the smallest nick on a cherished tabletop, there is a solution from Staples' extensive selection of repair products to do the job.

  • Furniture & Wood Repair

    Furniture Care & Wood Care

    Before modern poly (plastic) finishes, naturally-hard carnauba wax and rich beeswax polishes provided beauty and protection for floors, furniture, and woodwork. Staples and Williamsville polishes give lustre and patina to wood that modern finishes can't duplicate, while providing durability, nourishment and protection for both antique and modern furniture and woodwork.
  • Furniture & Wood Care
  • Ladder Tools

    Tough and flexible pads protect siding and gutters from scratches and dents from extension ladder rails, avoiding costly repairs or replacement. Other organizers keep fasteners and tools handy to increase productivity and safety.
  • Ladder Tools
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