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Your furniture, floors, and woodwork will give you years of enjoyment when you properly care for them, and perhaps even become heirlooms for future generations.

Direct sunlight, changes in temperature and humidity, and everyday use take a toll on wood furniture. Over time wood finishes, and even the wood itself can become dry, brittle, and susceptible to cracking, hazing, and discoloring.

Staples offers a variety of cleaners, oils, and waxes to clean, condition, and protect any kind of furniture or woodwork. Our Williamsville polishes and oils are ideal for antiques and furniture in need of some loving care. And our original Staples Paste Wax with carnauba provides a tough and beautiful natural barrier for floors and any highly used woodwork.

Some of the products we carry in the Furniture & Wood Care category are:

 Product  Wood Care Solution
Wood Cleaner Removes dirt and grime before waxing or polishing.
Staples Wax Strong carnauba protection with a high sheen.
Williamsville Wax Lemon Oil conditioning with a soft beeswax protection and shine.
Lemon Oil Conditions wood with a fresh lemon scent.
Teak Oil Conditions teak darker, and Danish woods with a pleasant oak scent.
Butcherblock Oil Clear, tasteless, and odorless for countertops, cutting boards, etc.