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In 1897 H.F. Staples & Co., Inc. began making one of America’s first premium waxes for floor and furniture... click here for more history. Today we offer a full range of furniture and wood care and repair solutions, and other unique tools and accessories. Thanks for visiting us!


Week of October 28, 2014:

We are experiencing outages with our office telephone service. The local telephone company is on strike and there are news reports of vandalism and sabotage on its network.

Until service is fully restored, please contact us at our cell phones: 603-661-4689, or 603-759-1423. Unfortunately we are not able to receive faxes. You can also reach us by email at


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Furniture & Wood Repair
- Miracle Wood
- Wood Tone Putty
- Ready-Wood
- Epoxy Wood Rebuilder
- Rotted Wood Hardener
- Touch Up Markers
- Putty Pencils
- Decto-Stick


Furniture & Wood Care

- Staples Waxes
- Williamsville Wax
- Wood Cleaner
- Teak Oil
- Lemon Oil
- Butcherblock Oil
- Leather Cleaner
- Leather Care


Ladder Accessories

- Ladder Mitts
- Third-Hand Ladder Caddy




- Paint Markers
- Stud Bumpers

 What's New

Protect and beautify your furniture without hazardous and smelly solvents. This all-natural family of furniture care products has its roots in early American craftsmen's special blends of beeswax and lemon oil. For more information, click here.

Paint Markers

Heavy-duty real paint in a convenient marker! Great for identification on any hard surface: wood, glass, metal, stone, plastic. They also work great on fabric and paper, too. The tough metal barrel stands up to heavy use and the press-down valve action prevents paint from drying out. The primary colors are great for a wide range of commercial, industrial, and arts & crafts projects.

Click here for more info.

 Tip of the Month

Keep wood filler from drying out.

Many pros like solvent-based wood fillers (like Miracle Wood Quick-Dry Filler and Ready-Wood) because they dry quickly, but they are susceptible to drying out in storage for long periods. Until you use it, air is the enemy. Buy wood filler in a size no larger than you will use in a reasonable amount of time (say, six months), and always keep the cover tightly closed. Add a little alcohol or acetone prior to long-term storage to help extend shelf-life, and store lid-side down to further help keep air out of the container.


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