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Williamsville Wax - Lemon Oil - Teak Oil - Butcherblock Oil - Touch-Up & Scratch Cover - Wood Cleaner - Citrus Cleaner - Leather Cleaner - Leather Care

The natural way, the Williamsville Way

Early American craftsmen created beautiful, long-lasting protection for furniture and woodwork by blending natural beeswax with the deep-cleaning and rejuvenating power of lemon citrus oil imported from the Carribean. The Williamsville family of wood care and leather care polishes and cleaners bring that same warm, natural beauty and protection to all furniture and woodwork while remaining non-hazardous, non-toxic, and non-flammable. The natural way is "the Williamsville Way".

  Williamsville® Wax - Unequaled for the care, protection, and preservation of fine furniture and woodwork. Williamsville Wax "feeds the wood", revitalizes the finish, and provides heat-blended beeswax and lemon oil protection without build-up. A nourishing, restoring polish for any wood and type of finish, including catalyzed lacquer, varnish, shellac, oil, and polyurethane, and wood that has been neglected or mistreated. It is non-flammable and contains absolutely no silicone, turpentine, detergents, or other harmful ingredients.  
Mfg. No. Description Size Qty Price
#332 Williamsville Wax 8-oz. 1 $6.25
#332-3 Williamsville Wax (3-pack) 8-oz. 3 $16.75
#332-W12 Williamsville Wax (12-pack) 8-oz. 12 $60.00
#333 Williamsville Wax 12-oz. 1 $8.25
#339 Cabin Wood Care (marine label) 12-oz. 1 $8.25
#335 Williamsville Wax gallon 1 $47.00
#330-GPD Gallon pump dispenser ea. 1 $5.00
  Williamsville® Lemon Oil - For those who prefer a non-waxed surface, Lemon Oil "feeds" wood but without the beeswax finish. It brings new life to any wood with a penetrating finish, protecting and preserving the fibers. Lemon Oil can also restore life to stainless steel, laminates, painted surfaces and kitchen appliances. It is one of the few lemon oils that requires no hazardous labeling.  
Mfg. No. Description Size Qty Price
#328 Williamsville Lemon Oil 8-oz. 1 $5.75
#328-WG Williamsville Lemon Oil gallon 1 $31.00
#330-GPD Gallon pump dispenser ea. 1 $5.00
  Williamsville® Teak Oil - Like Lemon Oil, Teak Oil "feeds" and protects wood, but is specially formulated to enhance the patina on darker exotic woods such as teak, mahogany, and walnut, often found on Scandinavian and Asian design furniture. Williamsville Teak Oil is unique in that it is safe, non-flammable, and contains no turpentine, detergent, silicone or other harmful ingredients.  
Mfg. No. Description Size Qty Price
#348 Williamsville Teak Oil 8-oz. 1 $5.75
#349 Williamsville Teak Oil 12-oz. 1 $7.75
#349-WG Williamsville Teak Oil gallon 1 $33.50
#330-GPD Gallon pump dispenser ea. 1 $5.00

Williamsville® Polish with Touch-Up and Scratch Cover

Hide nicks, scratches and minor damage to give a new, revitalized look, with no more effort than regular polishing. Polish with Touch-Up and Scratch Cover features penetrating stain to protect damaged areas while adding beeswax protection for the whole piece. Use in the spring and fall or whenever damage is noticed; between seasons use Williamsville Wax or Oil. Like all Williamsville products, it is safe and contains no silicone, detergent, or turpentine.

Mfg. No. Description Size Qty Price
#355 Light Finishes (Oak, Ash, Birch, etc.) 8-oz. 1 $6.75
#356 Medium Finishes (Maple, Pecan, etc.) 8-oz. 1 $6.75
#357 Dark Finishes (Mahogany, Walnut, etc.) 8-oz. 1 $6.75
#358 Reddish Finishes (Cherry, Red Mahogany, etc.) 8-oz. 1 $6.75
#359 4-bottle set (one of each) 8-oz. 4 $24.00

Williamsville® Butcherblock Oil

A completely safe ultra-pure mineral oil to protect butcherblock counters, cutting boards, salad bowls, or any wood in regular contact with food. It protects wood from water damage, is odorless, tasteless, and will not contaminate food.

Mfg. No. Description Size Qty Price
#351 Williamsville Butcherblock Oil 8-oz. 1 $7.75
#351-WG Williamsville Butcherblock Oil gallon 1 $42.75

Williamsville® Wood Cleaner

Wood should be cleaned before applying any type of polish. This powerful deep cleaner lifts out dirt and residue and brings newness back to wood without using dangerous flammable solvents. It is quick, efficient, environmentally safe and economical, and contains no silicone. A great non-abrasive all around cleaner, it is also effective on any hard surface throughout the house, including wood, glass, stainless steel, laminates, painted surfaces, chrome, and vinyl.

Mfg. No. Description Size Qty Price
#343 Williamsville Wood Cleaner 12-oz. 1 $4.00
#345 Williamsville Wood Cleaner gallon 1 $22.50

Williamsville® Leather Cleaner -

Penetrates into leather's fibers to pull out the accumulated dust, grease, smoke, and other residue that collects over time. These contaminants should be removed before a conditioner is applied. Williamsville Leather Cleaner is a fast acting, non-abrasive deep cleaner that will not scratch the leather's surface.

Mfg. No. Description Size Qty Price
#362 Williamsville Leather Cleaner 12-oz. 1 $4.00

Williamsville® Leather Care Conditioner

Features natural mink oil, lanolin, and special polymers to repel water and stains. It preserves and enhances the look of leather, adds vital protection, resists scuffing, and inhibits color fading. Leather Care preserves old leather and helps keep new leather soft and supple. For finished leather only - not for suede, buffs, or natural unfinished leather.

Mfg. No. Description Size Qty Price
#363 Williamsville Leather Care 8-oz. 1 $6.25

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