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Rotted Wood Hardener

Epoxy Wood Rebuilder


For use on large or structural restoration projects.


These products work together, or separately, to restore and replace rotted, broken, or missing woodwork.

Rotted Wood Hardener - Restores Rotted Woodwork

  • Hardens, Solidifies Soft Wood
  • Deep Penetrating
  • Interior or Exterior

Rotted Wood Hardener rejuvenates damaged wood and makes it resistant to further deterioration. Used in conjunction with Epoxy Wood Rebuilder, expensive woodwork can be restored to its original appearance, often stronger than the original wood.

Rotted Wood Hardener features a unique, one-part formula which requires no mixing. It is water-based, environmentally friendly, and has no strong noxious odor. Its thin viscosity allows it to deeply penetrate into soft and rotted wood fibers before hardening and bonding with the wood to waterproof, regenerate and revitalize structural and decorative woodwork. Excellent for repairing windows, sills, wood boats, flower pots, etc.

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Epoxy Wood Rebuilder - Replaces Rotted/Broken Woodwork

  • Stronger than Wood
  • Mold & Shape to Match Original Wood
  • Stainable, Paintable
  • Weatherproof

The strongest compound available to rebuild and replace rotted and missing woodwork. Epoxy Wood Rebuilder is structurally stronger than most wood, and can be molded and tooled to duplicate intricate architectural detail. A perfect choice for jobs where total wood replacement is impractical, or where there's a desire to preserve as much original woodwork as possible. Many times stronger than regular fillers and putties, it meets the demands of any large wood repair application.

Once cured, Epoxy Wood Rebuilder can be treated just like wood. It can be nailed, drilled, planed, sawed, or sanded. Because it tightly holds nails and screws, it is excellent for resetting stripped screws and lockset hardware, and for repairing broken hinges, brackets, latches, etc.

Simple one-to-one mixing makes Epoxy Wood Rebuilder an easy to use paste that cures to the color of natural pine. Remains porous enough to absorb stain to match surrounding wood, and can be painted or finished. Epoxy Wood Rebuilder is weatherproof and does not shrink, making it perfect for both exterior and interior use.

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16-fl. oz.
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